Founded in 1997, Device Innovation is today the one of the well-known provider of orthopedic surgical instruments in the Thailand. We have achieved this position by focusing itsenergies and wherewithal on orthopedic surgical instruments, medical devices and related field.

Our mission has never changed - new technology has allowed us to continue to do more for orthopedic community.We provide the new technologically advanced medical devices responsibility by our specialist team to orthopedic specialist.

Our commitment is to provide new, effective, creative solutions to the needs of orthopedic surgeons, who restore mobility and relieve the pain of sport and traumatic injuries. We are committed to seeking innovative ways in finding the best technologies, treatments and methods for delivering high quality, cost-effective to serve the orthopedic community by providing educational and support services.

Our best quality products from the well-known companies providing our wide range of related products and services make us valuable partners to health care providers in Thailand.

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